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Special Education Consulting


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Providing district administrators, school leaders, and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve better results in special education through high-quality coaching, mentoring, technical support, and training.


I grew up in a small town in central Ohio with three sisters and a brother. I am the youngest of five children and am a first-generation college graduate. My childhood and family experiences are rich with family memories of large gatherings, lots of eating, and enjoying one another.   

I met my wife of 32 years, Whitney, while attending college. We were married, started our careers, and our first son was born in Denver, Colorado. During our time in Denver, I started my first teaching job and attended graduate school. Whitney finished her degree and was hired by a large software company. After eight years, we moved closer to family and relocated to Sierra Vista, Arizona. During our ten years in Sierra Vista, I attended more graduate school, and our second son was born. We lived and raised our sons in Sierra Vista, a rural community in southern Arizona where the weather is near perfect. 

For career and education purposes, we relocated to the Phoenix metro area in 2008 and have been here since. Both boys attended middle and high school in our local school district.



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  • Consulting

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  • Professional Development

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I am the Administrative Director of Student Services and Risk Management for the St. James Parish School Board. 

For years, we have discussed developing and improving existing procedures for our special education department, including our response to intervention (RtI), referral process (school building leadership committee), Section 504 procedures, and many other special education operations. 


We contracted with Dr. Paul McDonald, who collaboratively worked with district personnel and developed and trained the appropriate school staff on these implemented procedures. Paul continues to assist us in monitoring these systems and accepts feedback from staff on improving these practices. 

Dr. McDonald was prompt, always professional, and flexible in meeting our ongoing needs. We have developed a relationship with Paul and have worked with him for the past five years. He has made it possible to implement meaningful systems that support our improvement strategies. 

I would highly recommend Dr. McDonald to school districts looking to improve their special education department.

Kelly Morton Cook, Attorney

Administrative Director of Student Services and Risk Management 

St. James Parish, Lutcher Louisiana


Are you looking to improve your special education programming? 
If so, I have the experience and track record to assist you in achieving your goals.


Specializes in assisting school and district leaders with the development of systems, programs, and services that improve the outcomes in special education.  Paul has the experience, knowledge, and leadership to impact educators and the students they serve. 

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Adult Students

Kathy M. D’Albor, Supervisor (Retired)
Iberville Parish Special Education Department

Within two months of working together, he had a group of Principals and Instructional Leaders meeting and developing a Special Education Department vision, mission, and set of core values.  His vast knowledge of research-based strategies assisted me in developing classroom expectations and norms for rigorous special education instruction.  After only 18 months of working together, a significant transformation within the Special Education Department has occurred. 


Heather Rodda, Exceptional Student Services Director, Sierra Vista, Arizona 

I am honored to call Dr. McDonald my mentor.  His supportive nature and research-based best practices have been wonderful assets to me, my department, and the district.    In a short time, we established goals and a plan for improvement to include department manual updates and edits, job descriptions, needed to recruit highly qualified professionals, special education continuum work and program descriptors, and  development of an advisory committee.    His expertise and knowledge are second to none and his real-work application is invaluable.  He has walked in my shoes and is guiding my footsteps to design and implement a complaint, vaulabe, experience for staff and students.  

Teacher with Pupils

Meghan Cabanilla, Lead Clinician

"I've had the opportunity to work with Dr. McDonald for seven years. During this time, he has served as a mentor and leader, demonstrating expertise within the field.  He is knowledgeable of best practices in special education and can implement them within a school system. Dr. McDonald is supportive, organized, and has modeled the high expectations that he holds for his staff.  I have been honored to have Dr. McDonald to look up to as a leader and I hope to emulate his leadership in my future professional endeavors."

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