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Language within IEP for Paraprofessional Support

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

If the IEP team agrees that paraprofessional support is needed for a particular student, one of two ways will be noted. One is to note it on the Services Page as Intensive Individualized Services. The location, frequency, and duration will be emphasized. It is possible to put an “end date” before the annual review date at which the service will end.

If the IEP team agrees that paraprofessional support is needed for a particular student, one of two ways will be noted. The second way is to note it on the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) page as “additional support for students.” Indicate the activities and/or times during which the para will be provided.

Extra paraprofessional support provided to a teacher to assist in managing a whole class not specific to any one child’s needs may also be noted on the LRE page as “additional support for the teacher.” Anytime extra paraprofessional support is offered, it should be pointed out in the Offer of FAPE. Activities/areas in which the support will be provided should be identified.

For each area in which para support is being provided due to lack of skill or independence, the IEP team should write a goal. Some areas, such as health/personal care needs, may not be appropriate for goals. These supports should be noted on the “Accommodations and Modifications” page. If additional para support is required because of a child’s behavioral difficulties, the child’s IEP should include a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP).

For areas in which increased independence is possible, note the means for evaluating whether the para support continues to be needed on an additional page. In these cases, write a systematic plan to address how the support will be monitored and fade as independence increases. For a sample Fade/Assistance Plan and template, visit my website.

When a para is provided to assist a child on a short-term basis (i.e., transition to a new program), the written plan should specify the level of independence to be achieved before the para is faded/removed or a date when the para will be discontinued. The IEP Meeting Summary Page should refer to the plan for fading and note how and when it will be monitored.

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