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Staff Development Survey

During the summer months, administrators begin the planning process for the upcoming school year. This includes scheduling professional learning opportunities for your staff.

As a district administrator, I always wanted to gain input from my staff. They had a perspective that administrators at the district level sometimes lacked. So, we gave our staff a survey that provided them input into their professional learning. This approach allowed us to narrow the scope of learning to the district and state initiatives yet gain their buy-in on the topics presented throughout the year. This process was a win-win situation and is still done in districts and schools across the country.

Attached to this blog is the survey and the email that we sent to staff. Each year, we changed the topics on the survey to include those state and district initiatives or “have to do” while allowing the team to add to the list.

If you need assistance planning your professional learning for the year or knowing what your program needs, contact me, and we can discuss a gap analysis or needs assessment. I can also support your efforts in providing professional development throughout the year.

Good luck planning your professional learning for the 2022-2023 school year.

Staff Development Survey Email Sample.docx
Download PDF • 18KB

Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey
Download DOC • 71KB

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