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Determination of Need - Paraprofessional Support

Updated: Feb 14, 2023


Various tools can be used when the IEP team members consider the need for a paraprofessional. Using these tools, the team should identify the specific activities and times for additional assistance or supervision.

There are some instances where the need for paraprofessional support can be determined using existing data in the context of an IEP meeting. However, it is sometimes anticipated that additional data will need to be collected to make an educated and appropriate decision about the need for paraprofessional support. If this is the case, include your school psychologist in the meeting and discuss what additional data might help (i.e., medical notes, counseling notes, etc.).

Review of need

At regular intervals, designated members of the IEP team should use the tools to collect data about whether the level of assistance continues to be needed. As the student's level of independence or ability to use natural supports increases, behavior improves, or the makeup of the class changes, the assistance should be faded.

Areas of need

The team must consider each type of assistance listed below to determine if the student needs support from a para with a particular activity and estimate the necessary time. These types of assistance include health/personal care, behavior, instruction, and inclusion.

Student Independence Continuum.docx
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Student Needs Summary Sheet.docx
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Rubric to Determine Need for Paraprofessional Support.docx
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Checklist of Existing Environmental Supports.docx
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Types of Assistance - Areas of need .docx
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